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Students and New Graduates Recruitment
Starting a career at Bivium® gives you the opportunity to gain experience delivering services ranging from strategy to finance, accounting, internal auditing,to project management, and to undergo intensive on the job training coupled with mentoring under the guidance of senior team members.

We know that the key success factor to our growth strategy is exceptionally talented individuals who not only posses the business savvy to interact in meaningful ways with our clients and provide them with best in class service, but who also aspire to lead our firm to more success in the future.

If you are a highly motivated, self-reliant individual with a passion for finding solutions to business problems, and have a strong desire for a challenging and rewarding career contact us using the information available to the right.

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There are no current openings.

Bivium is an Equal Opportunity Employer
When applying, please mail, fax, or e-mail your resume and cover letter as an attachment to the location listed below. Please specify your area(s) of interest in the subject line of your e-mail. For example, the subject line of your e-mail could read 'Internal Audit'. Do not send inquiries to the e-mail address listed below. This address is only for submitting resumes.

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Bivium™ Whiteboard:

For one of its private sector clients, Bivium reviewed the set up, execution and aftermath of the testing of their Disaster Recovery Plan. The issues identified and the recommendations provided helped the client improve its DRP documentation and related control processes, and better respond to the requirements mandated by external industry regulators and the client's Audit Committee.