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Experienced Professionals Recruitement
At Bivium® we recruit outstanding individuals with a record of academic, commercial and managerial success who seek to initiate or resume a career in management consulting. We place these professionals based on their qualifications and experience, at the most appropriate level within our firm.

As an experienced professional at Bivium® you will have the opportunity to apply your independent thinking and resourcefulness, timely execution and responsiveness.

We are always on a search for individuals with advanced degrees and professional designations ready to use their unique strengths and capabilities to resolve client issues.

The career path you are about to take is going to expand your horizons while exposing you to excellent learning opportunities. To learn more about the structure of our company and the areas where you can make an impact please click here.

Job Listings
There are no current openings.

Bivium is an Equal Opportunity Employer
When applying, please mail, fax, or e-mail your resume and cover letter as an attachment to the location listed below. Please specify your area(s) of interest in the subject line of your e-mail. For example, the subject line of your e-mail could read 'Internal Audit'. Do not send inquiries to the e-mail address listed below. This address is only for submitting resumes.

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At the request of one of its technology start-up clients, Bivium assisted with the competitive landscape analysis and the development of a strategy, including a customized business plan and pro forma financial statements. The resulting business model allowed the client solve points of pain for a definable audience in a unique, defensible and profitable manner.