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What We Look For
We seek talented individuals from diverse backgrounds who want rewarding careers in management consulting. We are always looking for intelligent, imaginative and self-motivated people for all levels within our company. We select qualified candidates based on a number of skills, such as critical thinking, planning and organization, decision making, business knowledge, management skills, job knowledge, and interpersonal communication.

The expertise and wisdom of Bivium® steams from its people. At our firm we value and utilize the unique talents that each individual offers.While our consultants have deep knowledge in particular industries or markets, and functions, their focus is on resolving all business issues our clients are facing by developing innovative and sustainable solutions and assisting with their implementation. Our consultants possess the drive and commitment to achieve lasting results, as well as unquestionable professional integrity.

Why Work for Us?
At Bivium® you will have the opportunity to work on exciting client projects, which will challenge the balance of your own individual creativity and pragmatism. You will learn from both our clients as well as fellow consultants, while experiencing a team environment that fosters diversity, respect, fairness, trust, information sharing, and entrepreneurship. We encourage our staff to offer solutions to problems that reflect diverse backgrounds, ideas, and perspectives, in order to help each individual reach his or her potential.

Last but not least, at Bivium® we believe that, in the context of providing excellent client service, individuals can find their own work-life balance, which will not only help them in having a successful and satisfying career, but also a fulfilling personal life.

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Bivium™ Whiteboard:

At the request of one of its technology start-up clients, Bivium assisted with the competitive landscape analysis and the development of a strategy, including a customized business plan and pro forma financial statements. The resulting business model allowed the client solve points of pain for a definable audience in a unique, defensible and profitable manner.