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Professional Audit Support Services (PASS)
Bivium® has been issued a Supply Arrangement Professional Audit Support Services Supply Arrangement (PASS) by Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) for both Workstream 1 (Internal Audit Services) and Workstream 3 (Information Technology and Systems Audits).

Professional Audit Support Services (PASS) is a mandatory supply arrangement for the procurement of audit and financial management services. With PASS, federal departments and agencies can invite bids directly from a pool of experienced suppliers already pre-qualified in specialized work streams. Bivium® has been pre-qualified for the following work streams:

Internal Audit Services (Stream 1) - The range of activities under this work-stream could include:

  1. Value-for-money audit;
  2. Compliance audit; Assurance audit;
  3. Management controls audit;
  4. Operational audit;
  5. Horizontal or sectoral audits led by the Comptroller General; and
  6. Develop audit or assurance methodologies to meet the requirements of the Treasury Board Policy on Internal Audit.

Information Technology and Systems Audits (Stream 3) - This work-stream will require the services of professionals to assess the adequacy of a range of activities that may include the following:

  1. Information technology security;
  2. Business continuity planning/preparedness;
  3. Information management policy compliance;
  4. Systems under development;
  5. Service management;
  6. Information technology strategic plans;
  7. Governance processes related to information technology;
  8. Configuration management and change control;
  9. Electronic data interchange and electronic funds transfer;
  10. Data Migration and data integrity;
  11. Internal control on financial systems; and
  12. System life cycle technical and organizational development.

Also required under this work-stream are professional services to provide business and technical information support services to audit organizations and may include anyone of the following:

  1. Data extraction and basic and advanced data analyses;
  2. Technical configuration of audit software;
  3. Business customization of audit software;
  4. Training and other services for the implementation of audit software;
  5. Post implementation reviews and evaluations of audit software; and
  6. Management of information technology consulting services, including technology strategy development, to audit organizations.

Bivium® is also registered in the Canadian Company Capabilities (Industry Canada) database.
Other Contracting Vehicles
Bivium®, through its partner network, has access to other public sector procurement vehicles. A non-exhaustive list of such vehicles is presented below:
  1. Pro Services Supply Arrangement - a federal government-wide mandatory procurement tool for the provision of professional services below the NAFTA threshold that covers the work described in the Streams and Categories section for Task Based Informatics Professional Services (TBIPS) Streams 1 to 7 Annex A SO/SA - Requirements for Services; and Task and Solutions Professional Services [task based] (TSPS), Streams 8 to 12 ProServices - Streams and Categories.

  2. Temporary Help Services for the National Capital Area (THS for NCA) - an on-line procurement tool designed to assist Federal Departments in the National Capital Area, in their procurement of temporary help services up to $400,000 (which includes all subsequent amendments, travel/living expenses, overtime and GST/HST) or 48 consecutive weeks, whichever comes first.

  3. Task- Based Informatics Professional Services (TBIPS) - a supply arrangement which covers services related to a particular activity or initiative that are required to address a specific Information Technology (IT) need, which are usually associated with a specified set of responsibilities.

  4. Task-Based Informatics Professional Services (SBIPS)- a Government-wide, fixed price method of supply for professional services that provides a complete operational solution to a requirement. SBIPS also covers consulting services that are typically team based and deliverable focused, involving advisory work and thought leadership. It can be applied to end-to-end project work, or to the supply of a solution to a business problem using expertise and a methodology, approach or established solution.

  5. Cyber Protection Supply Arrangement (CPSA) - a Government-wide procurement vehicle for the delivery of various informatics security services required on an "as and when requested" basis in support of Government of Canada Client Departments and Agencies in creating an IT security framework consistent with the National Security Policy (NSP), Government Security Policies and the Operational Security Standard on Management of Information Technology Security (MITS).

  6. In-Service Support Supply Arrangement (ISS SA) - a procurement vehicle for the delivery of various services required on an "as and when requested" basis by PWGSC clients, in support of their various programs, initiatives, operations and projects.
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