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What We Look For
Bivium® is working with a diverse group of independent contractors and businesses, which complement our services offerings and enhance our competitive advantage. Our main goal is not only to address specific project requirements and provide our clients with excellent service, but also to develop long-term, strategic relationships with key partners. Therefore, we carefully select our business partners, negotiate non-disclosure agreements (NDA), as applicable, and sign mutually beneficial agreements.
If you are interested in collaborating with Bivium® please contact us at info@biviumconsulting.ca
or 613.843.7629.
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Bivium™ Whiteboard:

For one of its private sector clients, Bivium reviewed the set up, execution and aftermath of the testing of their Disaster Recovery Plan. The issues identified and the recommendations provided helped the client improve its DRP documentation and related control processes, and better respond to the requirements mandated by external industry regulators and the client's Audit Committee.