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Team Up with Bivium®
We regularly team up with high quality professionals and best-in-class businesses to complement our services strategy and to offer our clients comprehensive, innovative solutions. Seeking to supplement our in-house professional capabilities, we enter into mutually beneficial teaming arrangements with partners who offer expertise in certain niche areas.

We recognize that such partnerships could make important contributions to Bivium® by enhancing our competitive edge and our performance on specific contracts. Therefore, our firm is working to increase the number and quality of these partnerships with the view of qualifying for various teaming and subcontracting opportunities in the future.

We suggest you explore our service offerings to learn more about the full range of services our firm offers, as well as our current target industries and markets.

Potential Subcontractors
If you are interested in conducting business with Bivium®, please provide the following information:

      - company name and primary address;
      - company URL (if applicable)
      - primary contact information
            - office phone number
            - e-mail address
      - area of expertise and sample projects /
      engagements your firm worked on in the recent

If you have a Request for Proposal (RFP) that you would like to forward to Bivium®'s consideration, please contact us at info@biviumconsulting.ca
or 613.784.7629.

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Bivium assisted one of its clients with the succesful setup of its ERM framework and supporting processes. This resulted in the establishment of a corporate-wide, systematic approach to managing risk, applying sound risk management practices, and fostering a working culture that values learning, innovation, responsible risk taking, and continuous improvement.