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Clients' Success = Our Success
We know that our success depends on our clients' successes. We have selected four companies from different industries to provide an insight into how Bivium® has made a difference by helping them tackle difficult challenges and capitalize on opportunities.

While we can't name the clients, these study profiles offer a window into how our consulting company provides practical solutions to the various issues our clients are facing, be it on the shop floor or in the company's board room.

Case Studies
Building a sustainable funding model ( PDF, 42.1 KB)

A thorough review of the client's funding sources and the use of those funds helped a not-for-profit client get their finances in order and successfully make their case to their main funder for a budget increase.

Capitalizing on opportunities while reducing IT risks (PDF 45.5 KB)

A detailed assessment of a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system implementation allowed the client to complete the implementation of a new business model and fully capitalize on the emerging opportunities.

Getting the project back on track (PDF, 43.8 KB)

A critical look at the one of its major projects in trouble helped a private sector client regain control over it and complete it on time and within budget.

The road to compliance (PDF, 45 KB)

An in-depth review of the client's reporting against the requirement of the Management of Information Technology Security (MITS) operational security standard helped a public sector client become compliant with the Policy on Government Security (PGS).

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Bivium™ Whiteboard:

For one of its private sector clients, Bivium reviewed the set up, execution and aftermath of the testing of their Disaster Recovery Plan. The issues identified and the recommendations provided helped the client improve its DRP documentation and related control processes, and better respond to the requirements mandated by external industry regulators and the client's Audit Committee.